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No signup form,
just your Office 365 email

Hey, it's Office 365! Just log in with your account and forget about providing phone numbers or emails: you'll find the colleagues you're already working with right there! Pick up the ones you want in the conversation and go!

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Channel or private conversations?

Create channels for a fast and mobile communication with your team, or have a private conversation with your colleague.

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Business focused tools at your fingertips

BeezyPocket integrates with the everyday tools people use to get their work done. Your Office documents, your One Drive files or your Outlook events are right there to make your conversation actionable.

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Relax, no one will hack your conversations!

All conversations are secured with end-to-end encryption across all your devices.

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Good collaboration needs great team communication

This amazing little app is brought to you by the creators of Beezy, a full enterprise solution for intelligent digital workplaces.

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