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What’s BeezyPocket?

Beezy Pocket is a messaging app for modern team collaboration. It is the best of Slack and WhatsApp combined and built in Office 365.

Who can use Pocket?

BeezyPocket is available only for iPhone owners that have an Office365 email account.  Android, Windows phone and desktop apps will come next.

How can I get Pocket?

Beezy is for now available only for iPhone and in private beta: users can download the app but their company domain has to be authorised by the Beezy team first. Once the Beezy team approves the request, you and your colleagues can have access to the app inserting a code provided by us.

Who I can message?

You can chat only with users that own the same company email address domain as yours.

What’s a channel?

Channels are conversation spaces within the app created to talk about a defined subject with other contacts in the community. You can invite other colleagues to become part of it and share their opinions about the specific subject, from professional ones (Marketing team, Design team etc) to more informal conversation groups (Tennis club, Afterwork mates, etc). Private channel option is coming soon.

Can I have a private chat with one of my colleagues?

Yes, you can. You will find your colleagues directory on the left sidebar menu. Messages and files sent in a private conversation won't be seen by anyone beside your and the other user in the conversation.

How can I invite my colleagues?

You can invite your colleagues by clicking on “Invite” on the right sidebar menu. They will receive an email with a direct link for downloading the BeezyPocket and join your company’s network.

Who is PocketBot?

PocketBot is your personal cyber-assistant on BeezyPocket. His mission is to help you getting familiar with the app giving tips and telling you the most relevant functionalities all across of it.

Are all the communications within the app secured?

At BeezyPocket we use point to point encryption for user messaging and communications which is stored locally and remotely. Always updated looking at the latest news regarding encryption protocols to ensure we have the best security policies. Plus isolated backends and Office 365 as our authentication entity, we are confident that you can chat with your team mates with no headaches.